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» Listings for September 2013

  1. These yummy twisties have been made with frit blends. I have used glass rods and frit blends with a CoE 92-96 to make these twisties. They are great fun to make:


    1. make a big gather with the base glass, I have used light colours, including, white, cream, light green and light blue for the base.

    2. cover the whole gather of base glass with lots of yummy frit.

    3. melt the frit in and twist into stringers.

    stringers 1b sized stringers 1d sized



  2. Boho Beads

    spots 9i sized

    Boho Dotty

     spot 1f sized  spots 5d sized  spots 4u sized
     spots 6g sized  spot 1o sized  spots 3f sized


    Boho Stripe for earrings

    earing beads 1e sized earing beads 1zz sized earing beads 1j sized earing beads 1u sized  

    Boho Stripe for bracelets and necklaces

    beads 1e sized beads 2d sized beads 3g sized beads 5f sized

    How to make Boho Stripe Rounds

    • Chose a main colour theme, e.g. pea green, opal olive green, red, curry (as above)
    • Chose more colours to go with the main theme
    • Make lots of stringers from the colours chosen
    • Using a light base, e.g. white or cream, make a round bead about 3/4 of the size that you want the finished bead 
    • Wrap coloured stringers around the beads, melt in and reshape (it is sometimes easier to wrap one colour at a time around the bead and melt it in before wrapping another colour around the bead otherwise the colour may run into each other too much)

    I have used some reactive glass in some of these beads, including Gaffer Blue Chalcedony, Gaffer Chalcedony, Reichenbach Dark Multicolour and Reichenbach Iris Dark Brown as these give a great boho effect.