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  1. Here are a few of my Boho (Bohemian) beads

    I love making freeflow abstract beads and the unconvetional look that this technique achieves. 

    boho k sized boho o sized


    boho pink b sized boho green e sized boho blue d sized boho purple c sized
    Reichenbach Opal Raspberry, Gaffer French Vanilla, Purple Rose, Blue Chalcedony and silver foil  Gaffer Forest Green, Celadon, Duck Egg White, Blue Chalcedony and silver foil  Reichenbach Dark Multicolor, Gaffer Denim Blue, Blue Chalcedony, silver foil and Delirium frit blend Gaffer Purple Rose, Lapis Blue, Blue Chalcedony and silver foil 
    boho green and purple b sized button beads d sized  orange button beads f sized  
    Gaffer Lime Green, Purple Rose, Duck Egg White and Blue Chalcedony  Gaffer Russet, Turquoise, Duck Egg White, Blue Chalcedony and silver foil  Gaffer Tangerine, Turquoise, Duck Egg White, Blue Chalcedony and silver foil   


  2. Beadbug Blends - Frittie beads made on a base of white. All Beadbug Frit Blends are £2.30 for 25g.

    a wee bit frittie - sand yellow b 200  alien a 200  allure beads size 200  amelie a 200  angelica b 200 
    A Wee Bit Frittie  Alien Allure Amelie Angelica
    apple fritter d 200 baked fritasca a 200 bliss b 200  breeze b 200  casinover b 200
    Apple Fritter Baked Fritasca Bliss Breeze Casinover
    cherry fizz c 200 cupid a 200 delirium a 200 fairy wisp d 200 fancy that b 200 
    Cherry Fizz Cupied Delirium Fairy Wisp Fancy That 
    fantasia a 200  fleur a 200  flirtie birtie a 200  flock f 200  floozie b 200 
    Fantasia  Fleur  Flurtie Burtie Flock Floozie
    flower power b 200  foxglove b 200  fritberry beads sized 200  frivolous b 200  funky frog 200 
    Flower Power Foxglove Fritberry Frivolous Funky Frog 
    glamour puss a 200 glittering fandango a 200  grass scent a 200 harriet ping pong a 200 heaven scent b 200
    Glamour Puss Glittering Fandango Grass Scent Harriet Ping Pong Heaven Scent
    hippie a 200  hypnosied a 200  i love that b 200  irresistable e 200  jingle a 200 
    Hippie   Hypnotised  I Love That  Irresistible  Jingle
    just bee cool a 200  lazy snail b 200  lets dabble a 200  love bug a 200 lovey dovey b 200
    Just Bee Cool Lazy Snail Lets Dabble Love Bug Lovey Dovey
    mesmerised b 200  monty b 200  parisium a 200  pea pod b 200  peony party c 200 
    Mesmerised Monty Parisium Pea Pod Peony Party
    peppy 200 pink pumpkin b200  popsicle b 200 rabbit food d 200  secret recipe b 200 
    Peppy Pink Pumpkin Popsicle Rabbit Food Secret Recipe
    sir laughalot a 200 spellbound b 200  tickled pink b 200  touch of blue d 200  turquoise talola a 200 
    Sir Laughalot Spellbound Tickled Pink Touch of Blue Turquoise Talola
    tutti frutti b 200 very hip b 200 yummy b 200 zippy b 200  
    Tutti Fruttie Very Hip Yummy  Zippie