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» Listings for March 2013

  1. We have lots of different Reichenbach Iris rods (cane) in stock. Some of these are transparent and some are opaque, but all have special reactive actions.

    Opaque Iris Colours: RW0106 Iris Dark Brown; RW0107 Iris Opal Yellow; RW0108 Iris Orange (Raku); RW0192 Iris Night Blue; RW0761 Iris Brown Light; RW0762 Iris Brown; RW0763 Iris Brown Dark.

    Transparent Iris Colours: RW0124 iris Violet; RW0136 Iris Green; RW0144 Iris Dark Blue; RW0145 Iris Blue; RW0190 Iris Yellow Light; RW0191 Iris Amber; RW0211 Iris Light Blue; RW0217 Iris Gold; RW0218 Iris Yellow.

  2. These are the first of my new bead collections. This collection is called Sahara and all of the beads have been made in the same way, but in different colourways and different shapes. This collection is not yet completed and other photographs of Sahara bead sets will be joining these soon.

    beige green b-resize   beige orange a-resize
     beads 42c-10  french vanilla 3a-resize
    sahara a1 resized sahara green a resized
    sahara mauve b resized sahara turquoise d resized