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  1. Some sample beads made with the Reichenbach glass rods CoE 94(+/-2). All of the Reichenbach colours are just lovely. If you would like to see the colours in order, e.g. pinks, purples, greens, blues etc. together this can be found in the 'Hints & Tips' section under 'Colour Testing'

    Opal Orange Yellow     Pink Opal     
    A gorgeous orangey yellow   A beautiful opal effect of pinks and purples    
     opal-orange-yellow 1-10 opal-orange-yellow-1a-10 pink-opal 1-10 pink-opal-1a-10  
    Seed Green   Red Violet    
    A wonderful luscious green   A gorgeous deep pink    
    seed green 1b-10 seed-green-b-1-10  red violet-10 red-violet-1a-10   
    Summer Meadow   Mandarin    
    A lovely multi-toned green (love it!!!!)   A pretty orangey yellow     
    summer-meadow-1a-10 summer-meadow-1a-10 mandarin-10 mandarin-1a-10  
    Silver Crystal    Soft Violet    
    Reichenbach describe this glass as a striking colour, but these beads have been reduced    A beautiful violet purple    
    silver crystal-10 silver-crystal-1a-10 soft violet-10  soft-violet-1a-10  
    Purple Rose   Opal Green     
    A wonderful multi-toned purple; effects can be different depending upon the flame    A yummy green     
    purple rose-10 purple-rose-b1-10 opal green-10 opal-green-1a-10   
    Silver Smoke   Apricot     
    A gorgeous glass, different effects can be achieved through different reduction times; silver blues, silver, copper and gold   A pretty apricot, different shades can be achieved through striking the glass     
    silver-smoke-c1-10 silver-smoke-a-10 apricot-10  apricot-b1-10   
    Coral Red   Lilac Red    
    A luscious red    A wonderful purple with a hint of lilac     
    coral red-10  coral-red-1a-10  lilac red-10  lilac-red-b1-10   
    Soft Rose   Coral Pink    
    A pretty soft pink, remincent of old fashioned roses    A lovely rich pink     
    soft rose-10  soft-rose-b1-10  coral pink-10  coral-pink-b1-10   
    Vanilla   Opal Pink     
    A lovely vanilla, just like rich vanilla ice cream; different shades can be achieved through striking the glass    A beautiful pink     
    vanilla-10  vanilla-b1-10  opal pink-10  opal-pink-1b1-10   
    Opal Light Red   Fuchsia Light    
    A scrummy red    A very pretty transparent fuchsia pink/purple     
    opal light red-10  opal-light-red-1a-10  fuchsia light-10  fuchsia-light-a-10   
    Garnet Red    Gold Green     
    A lovely deep transparent red    A beautiful transparent green; the beads at the back have been reduced     
    garnet red-10  garnet-red-b-10  gold green-10  gold-green-b1-10   
    Gold Topaz   Isar Blue    
    A yummy topaz that can produce a subtle golden green effect    A pretty blue     
    gold topaz-10 gold-topaz-1a-10  isar blue a-10 isar-blue-b1-10   
    Opal Sea Blue   Opaline Pink    
    A gorgeous blue   A stunning purple     
    opal sea blue-10  opal-sea-blue-b1-10  opaline pink-10 opal-pink-b1-10   
    Sand Yellow   Delft Blue     
    A wonderful orange that can become deeper on striking the glass    A gorgeous blue reminiscent of delft pottery     
  2. foster fire

    Foster FireHeavy Duty bead release is now in the shop.  There are 8oz and 16oz jars in Heavy Duty, which is great for soft and boro glass.  The 8oz jar is £12.60 and the 16oz jar is £24.00.  

    These items are quite heavy, the 8oz is about 500g and the 16oz is about 1000g; I have given the option of choosing second class postage to keep the cost down.  Second class postage for packages only goes up to 1000g; therefore, anything ordered over this weight would have to go as a first class package.  I am looking into using a courier service for heavy orders.



  3. New Reichenbach CoE 94(+/-2) frit and rod/cane stock on its way, should arrive the first or second week in December. These new colours will be arriving as well as some restocking of colours that have already been in the shop.

    Frit: Multicolour K0, Dark Multicolour K0, Silver Crystal K00(grain), Silver Crystal K0, Silver Crystal K1, Brilliant Gold K00(grain), Brilliant Gold K0. 

    Rods: Flamingo, Opal Orange Yellow, Opal Light Red, Coral Red, Opal Green, Opal Turquoise, Water Blue, Mandarin, Soft Violet, Rose, Moccasin, Summer Meadow, Gold Ruby, Fuchsia, Gold Topaz, Fuchsia Light, Silver Crystal.