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» Listings for November 2012

  1. New stock of hand pulled Gaffer glass rods in CoE 96 for lampwork beadmaking are on there way; these rods will not arrive until January as they have to travel all the way from New Zealand.  

    Transparent: Light Aquamarine, Light Emerald Green, Gold Ruby Extra, Gold Amethyst, Brilliant Gold, Gold Topaz, Aquamarine Blue, Steel Blue, Steel Grey, Cerulean Blue,  Olive Green, Teal Green, Forest Green, Lime Green, Black, Clear, Amber, Black Lustre, Scarlet, Cherry Red, Copper Ruby, Yellow, Daffodil, Lime Aventurine.

    Opaque: Opal White, Light Tobacco, Duck Egg White, Cream, Weimaraner Brown, Pigeon Grey, Chalcedony, Blue Chalcedony, Gold Pink Extra, Pale Rose, Heliotrope, Purpur, Violet, Lavender, Lapis Blue Extra, Pale Blue, Turquoise, Denim Blue, Stratus Blue, Pale Turquoise, Azure, Jade Green, Olive Green, Lime Green, Forest Green, Celadon, Chartreuse, Chameleon, British Racing Green, Pistachio Green, Oceana, Ultramarine, Russet, Mushroom, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Burnt Sienna, Crimson, Diablo Red, Orange, Canary Yellow, Tangerine, Pale Primrose, Royal Purple, Purple Rose.

  2. Some examples of what Gaffer Purple Rose G199 frit looks like on a variety of bases. More pictures coming soon!!!!!  Set 1 have been made with Purple Rose on the left of the bead and the Live, Laugh, Love frit blend on the right of the bead, the base of these beads is ivory. Set 2 have been made with Purple Rose frit and Reichenbach Purple frit, the base of these beads is ivory. Gaffer Purple Rose has produced a wonderful array of different purples and silver foil seems to really make this colour pop.

    z16h1-10 long-beads-1(10)j long-beads-1(10)i long-beads-1(10)d long-beads-1(10)c

  3. Reichenbach Iris Amber glass frit can produce a wonderful range of colours.  These beads show the wonderful earthy, green and blue colours that can be produced using a neutral flame.  All of the Iris colours like transparent straw, browns and golden colours as this helps to produce some wonderful effects.
    • Make a base of medium topaz; make the base about 3/4 the size of what the bead is going to be.
    • Wrap around in three places, each end and middle of bead, a thin stringer of iris orange and melt in.
    • Roll bead in Iris Amber glass frit and melt in.
    • Wrap medium topaz around in two places, and melt in and shape.
    • Iris amber frit can be reduced, but these beads have not been reduced; they have been made in a neutral flame.


  4. Reichenbach Silver Aqua Blue is a beautiful transparent aqua blue; it is a wonderful colour when worked in a neutral flame, and can produce amazing colours and sheens when worked in a reduction flame.  The first set of beads have been made with clear glass and Silver Aqua Blue frit, they have been slightly reduced to produce fantastic blues, greens and golden copper tones (the photograph does not do these beads justice).  The second set of beads have been made on a clear base with silver foil and Silver Aqua Blue frit, and have been worked in a neutral flame to produce beautiful aqua blue shades.

    z30a1(10)  z24b1(10)

  5. Exciting!!!!!!

    The Reichenbach glass rods for lampworking are on their way; they should arrive on Monday 5th November.  These rods are CoE 94 (+/-2), annealing point is the same as glass with a CoE 104.  Some wonderful colours are on their way (see the list below), and if you are using Reichenbach frit, any amount can be used on these rods.  

    Aurora Reddish, Aurora Yellowish, Heliotrope, Saffron, Reseda Green, Copper Blue, Aventurine Gold, Opal Pink, Opal Raspberry, Opal Dense Rose, Sand Yellow, Lavender, Delft Blue, Opal Aquamarine, Opal Violet, Opal Sea Blue, Lilac Red, Opal Iris Yellow, Vanilla, Garnet Red, Old Rose, Soft Rose, Pistachio Green, Sahara, Ivory, Opal Pink, Apricot, Seed Green, Gold Green, Isar Green, Isar Blue, Coral Pink, Purple Rose and Silver Smoke.

    As well as these wonderful Reichenbach rods, we are awaiting some new stock from Gaffer, including some gorgeous rods for lampworking; these are due to arrive in November.