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» Listings for September 2012

  1. Some pictures of beads, and buttons made with Iris Orange (Raku).  This wonderful glass changes colour depending on how it is worked. Beautiful colours, including purples, greens, blues and yellows can be achieved by working very hot and cooling quickly.  See the 'Hints & Tips' section for more information on working with Iris Orange.

    bead iris orange c 10 bead iris orange j 10 beads iris orange f 10 beads iris orange g 10 beads iris orange h 10 

  2. Some beads that I made a while ago with Reichenbach Iris colours.  The first set have been made on a transparent medium purple base, silver leaf or foil, Iris Gold frit and then encased in clear.  The second set have been made on a transparent green base, silver foil, different Iris frits on each bead - Iris Gold, Iris Blue and Iris Green and then encased in clear.  The third set have been made on a mystic pink base, an iris gold twistie, which was made with Iris Gold and transparent Straw Yellow and then encased in clear.

    iris bead airis ciris b  

  3. blue-chalcedony-beads-b 30 x12b10 x12c10

    These are the first beads I have made with Gaffer's wonderful Blue Chalcedony; some of the beads also have a sprinkling of Gaffer Chalcedony frit.  I made these beads by following the intstructions in the hints & tips section in my website and found it quite easy to achieve these lovely colours.  

    More of my beads can be found in my etsy shop