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  1. This is the start of the Gaffer CoE 96 bead colour chart, more colours are to be added. When taking the photographs of these beads I have aimed to capture the true colous, however, at times it can be difficult to capture the exact colours and also colours may vary due to different computer monitors.


    Gaffer Neutrals

    chocolate beads a 200 russet b 200 burnt sienna b 200 tobacco beads 200 cinammon b 200
    Gaffer Chocolate Gaffer Russet Gaffer Burnt Sienna Gaffer Light Tobacco Gaffer Cinnamon
    pigeon grey 200 weimeriner brown b 200 mushroom d 200 duck egg white a 200  
    Gaffer Pigeon Grey Gaffer Weimaraner Brown Gaffer Mushroon Gaffer Duck Egg White  


    Gaffer Purples & Pinks

    royal purple beads 200 heliotrope beads 200 purpur beads 200 violet beads 200  lavender beads 200
    Gaffer Royal Purple Gaffer Heliotrope Gaffer Purpur Gaffer Violet Gaffer Lavender
    gold pink extra b 200 pale rose b 200       
    Gaffer Gold Pink Extra Gaffer Pale Rose       


    Gaffer Reds, Oranges & Yellows

    crimson beads 200 chilli red b 200  cherry red beads 200  opal orange beads 200 
    Gaffer Crimson Gaffer Chilli Red Gaffer Cherry Red Gaffer Opal Orange 
    tangerine b 200 taxi cab yellow b 200 canary yellow 200 d yellow beads 200
    Gaffer Tangerine Gaffer Taxi Cab Yellow Gaffer Canary Yellow Gaffer Yellow
    daffodil 200      
    Gaffer Daffodil      


    Gaffer Greens 

    british racing green b 200 forest green beads 200 jade green a 200 verde duro b 200 olive green b 200
    Gaffer British Racing Green Gaffer Forest Green Gaffer Jade Green Gaffer Verde Duro Gaffer Olive Green
    lime green beads 200 chartreuse b 200 apple green b 200 celadon a 200 trans green 200
    Gaffer Lime Green Gaffer Chartreuse Gaffer Light Apple Green Gaffer Celadon Gaffer Light Emerald Green


    Gaffer Blues 

    lapis blue b 200 blue druro c 200 denim blue c 200 stratus blue beads a 200 pale blue turquiose beads 200
    Gaffer Lapis Blue Gaffer Blue Duro Gaffer Denim Blue Gaffer Stratus Blue Gaffer Pale Blue Turquoise
    azure a 200 turquoise a 200 light aquamarine 200    
    Gaffer Azure Gaffer Turquoise Gaffer Light Aquamarine    
  2. This is the start of the Reichenbach CoE 94(+/-2) bead colour chart, more colours are to be added. When taking the photographs of these beads I have aimed to capture the true colous, however, at times it can be difficult to capture the exact colours and also colours may vary due to different computer monitors. There are some bigger pictures showing the colours of Reichenbach glass in the 'Hint & Tip' section under 'Colour Testing and Tips'.

     Reichenbach Neutrals

    dark mult 1a 200 dark mult c 200 multi a 200 tobacco light c 200  tobacco light d 200 
    Reichenbach Dark Multicolor Reichenbach Dark Multicolor Reichenbach Multicolor Reichenbach Tobacco Light Reichenbach Tobacco Light
    reich opal brown 200 opal iris yellow 200  vanilla 200  reich ochre yellow  reich white smoke 200 
    Reichenbach Opal Brown Reichenbach Iris Opal Yellow Reichenbach Vanillia  Reichenbach Ochre Yellow  Reichenach White Smoke 

    Reichenbach Iris Colours

    reich iris green 200 iris brown 162 200 iris dark brown 762 200 reich iris violet 200 reich iris light blue 211 - 200 
    Reichenach Iris Green Reich Iris Brown 162 Reichen Iris Dark brown 762    Reichenbach Iris Violet             Reich Iris Blue Light Blue

    Reichenbach Pinks

    opal raspberry 200 red violet 200 coral pink 200 opal dense rose 200 opal pink 200
    Reichenbach Opal Raspberry Reichenbach Red Violet Reichenbach Coral Pink Reichenbach Opal Dense Rose Reichenbach Opal Pink
    reich purple b 200 flamingo 200 apricot 200 reich old rose a 200 soft rose 200
    Reichenbach Purple Reichenbach Flamingo Reichenbach Apricot Reichenach Old Rose Reichenbach Soft Rose
    fuchsia 200 fuchsia light 200      
    Reichenbach Fuchsia Reichenbach Fuchsia Light      

     Reichenbach Purples

    reich plum blue 200 opaline pink200  opal violet 200 lilac red 200 purple rose 200 
    Reichenbach Plum Blue Reichenbach Opalin Pink Reichenbach Opal Violet  Reichenbach Lilac Red                 Reichenbach Purple Rose
    soft violet 200 reich opal lilac a 200      
    Reichenbach Soft Violet Reichenbach Opal Lilac      

    Reichenbach Reds, Oranges & Yellows

    coral red 200 opal light red 200 gold ruby 200 reichenbach gold ruby extra beads 200 aurora yellowish a 200 
    Reichenbach Coral Red Reichenbach Opal Light Red Reichenbach Gold Ruby Reichenbach Gold Ruby Ex Lt    Reichenbach Aurora Yellowish 
    reich pastel red a 200 aurora light200      
    Reichenbach Pastel Red Reichenbach Aurora Light      
    sand yellow 200  reich orange 140 200  saffron 200  opal-orange-yellow 1 200  mandarin 200 
    Reichenbach Sand Yello Reichenbach Orange Reichenbach Saffron  Reich Opal Orange Yellow

    Reichenbach Mandarin

    reich curry b 200 recih bumble bee yellow a 200 reich narcissus b 200  reich whiskey 200   
    Reichenbach Curry Reich Bumble Bee Yellow Reichenbach Narcissus  Reichenbach Whiskey   

    Reichenbach Greens

    opal green 200 reiche jade green 200 pistachio 200 summer-meadow 1. 200jpg reich opal light green a 200
    Reichenbach Opal Green Reichenbach Jade Green Reichenbach Pistachio Reich Summer Meadow               Reich Opal Light Green
    reich seed green 74 a 200 reich seed green 188 a 200 reichenbach celadon 200 isar green a 200 reseda green 200
    Reich Seed Green RW-074 Reich Seed Green RW-188 Reichenbach Celadon Reichenbach Isar Green Reichenbach Reseda Green
    reseda green 200  reich cocos 200  reich opal nile green a 200     
    Reichenbach Gold Green Reichenbach Cocos   Reich Opal Nile Green    

     Reichenbach Blues

    opal aquamarine 200 lavender 200 delft blue 200 opal sea blue 200 reichenbach blue green beads 200
    Reichenbach Opal Aquamarine Reichenbach Lavender Reichenbach Delft Blue Reichenbach Opal Sea Blue      Reichenbach Blue Green
    opal turquoise 200 isar blue 200 reich water blue 200 reich pale light blue 200 reichenbach copper blue beads 200
    Reichenbach Opal Turquoise Reichenbach Isar Blue Reich Water Blue Reich Pale Light Blue Reichenach Copper Blue
    recih brilliant copper blue a 200        
    Reich Brilliant Copper Blue        


  3. Reichenbach Dark Multicolor CoE 94(+/-2) RW0736 is the most wonderful glass, it is really easy to use and you don't have to do anything special with it to produce a variety of interesting colours, including deep red, purple, blue and green. Dark Multicolor looks great on its own, etched or encased in clear, and works really well with other colours.

    A little experimenting to see how Reichenbach Dark Multicolor works with other colours.


    Mini Tutorial for Peacock Swirl Beads
    A mixture of beautiful colours, including reddish purples, blues, greens and creams when using just two different glass colours (Vanilla and Dark Mutlicolor). The combination of pure silver foil has really added something special and enriched these colours.
    087 sized                     


    Reichenbach Vanilla Rod

    Reichenbach Dark Multicolor Rod

    Reichenbach Dark Multicolor Frit K0

    Silver Foil

    Bead Press


    How to Make

    1. Using the Vanilla rod make a base that fills the bead press to about 3/4, you have to leave some room for the Dark Multicolor.

    2. Using the Dark Multicolor rod, make a thick line going all the way accross one end of the bead and melt it in. Repress the bead to make sure that there is enough glass to fill the bead press. If there is not, add a little more Vanilla until the glass fills the bead press.

    3. Roll the bead in a strip of silver foil and melt in.

    4. Melt the bead well and use gravity to swirl the bead. Repress the bead.

    5. Roll one end of the bead in Dark Multicolor K0 frit and add a few dots of Dark Multicolor to the other end of the bead using the rod.

    6. Melt in and repress.


    dk multi swirl with red 1c sized     

    Using the gravity swirl technique the combination of three different coloured rods has produced a fantastic effect of purples, reds, greens, blues and creams. 


    Reichenbach Vanilla Rod

    Reichenbach Dark Multicolor Rod

    Reichenbach Coral Red Rod


    dk multi swirl with turqoise 1a sized     

    Using the gravity swirl technique the combination of the three different coloured rods has produced a beautiful array of crisp and refreshing colours. 


    Reichenbach Vanilla Rod

    Reichenbach Dark Multicolor Rod

    Reichenbach Opal Turquoise Rod


    dark mult 1b sized   

    The combination of Gaffer White and Reichenbach Dark Multicolor in these gravity swirl beads has produced lovely tones of deep purples, reds and greys. The Dark Multicolor has slightly soaked into the White, producing a greyish tint to the white, which is very appealing.


    Gaffer White Rod

    Reichenbach Dark Multicolor Rod

    Reichenbach Dark Multicolor Frit K0

  4. More exciting news - Beadbug are also going to be the stockist of Cheeky Frit Blends. Cheeky frits are finer frit blends that have been lovingly designed by Kaz Kebab. Cheeky frit blends are expected to arrive by the end of this week and will be listed on the website as soon as they arrive.

  5. logo_uroboros_small

    Beadbug are going to become the UK/European Uroboros - System 96 rod supplier. Uroboros rods, stringers and noodles in CoE 96, and also some Uroboros clear in CoE 104 are on their way. Not sure how long they will take to arrive as they are coming from the US and because it is a heavy shipment it is coming by ocean freight. We will let you all know the EDD as soon as we know.

    We at Beadbug feel that the addition of Uroboros - System 96 rods is fantastic as they are compatible with Gaffer CoE 96, and will also work well with the Reichenbach CoE 94(+/-2), increasing the wonderful colour pallett of the CoE glass that we stock. 

  6. We have lots of different Reichenbach Iris rods (cane) in stock. Some of these are transparent and some are opaque, but all have special reactive actions.

    Opaque Iris Colours: RW0106 Iris Dark Brown; RW0107 Iris Opal Yellow; RW0108 Iris Orange (Raku); RW0192 Iris Night Blue; RW0761 Iris Brown Light; RW0762 Iris Brown; RW0763 Iris Brown Dark.

    Transparent Iris Colours: RW0124 iris Violet; RW0136 Iris Green; RW0144 Iris Dark Blue; RW0145 Iris Blue; RW0190 Iris Yellow Light; RW0191 Iris Amber; RW0211 Iris Light Blue; RW0217 Iris Gold; RW0218 Iris Yellow.