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  1. We have just received a delivery from Reichenbach and have lots of new rod and frit goodies in CoE 94(+/-2) on the website. There are some brand new colours from Reichenbach and some colours that have not been on the website before: All of the below should be listed on the website, although some of the pictures may not yet be uploaded.


    • RW0010                Violet Blue
    • RW0012                Amethyst Reddish
    • RW0013                Amethyst Bluish
    • RW0014                Hyazinth
    • RW0021                Lemon Yellow
    • RW0027                Anna Green
    • RW0040                Aqua Blue
    • RW0092                Night Blue
    • RW0134                Scarlet Brown
    • RW0167                Hot Pink
    • RW0180                Neon Green
    • RW0186                New Light Yellow
    • RW0187                Cyan Grey
    • RW0189                Elephant Grey
    • RW0224                Mocca
    • RW0260                Smoke Blue Light
    • RW0262                Aurora Extra Light
    • RW0303                Royal Blue
    • RW0381                Quartz Grey
    • RW0724                Cream Yellow
    • RW0725                Cream Orange
    • RW0726                New Yellow
    • RW0728                Cream Brown

    Frit in size K1

    • RW0006                Aurora Reddish
    • RW0011                Heliotrope
    • RW0014                Hyazinth
    • RW0023                Olive
    • RW0039                Brilliant Copper Blue
    • RW0046                Aquamarine
    • RW0058                Aventurine Old Gold
    • RW0067                Opal Orange Yellow
    • RW0073                Apple Green
    • RW0167                Hot Pink
    • RW0171                New Blue
    • RW0724                Cream Yellow
    • RW0725                Cream Orange
    • RW0728                Cream Brown



  2. Available for the first time the new opalino colours from Gaffer. These colours exploit the magical, soft fiery properties of phosphate opals. The new series consists of gentle, soft pastel shades . Gaffer Glass believes this is the first time a phosphate colour range that offers sufficient opacity has been available in frit form.

    The new colours are: Mint. Blue Ice, Coral, Night Sky, Mauve, Pink Wisp, Peach, Hot Pink and Sahara.

    gaffer mint gaffer blue ice gaffer coral gaffer night sky
     Opalino Mint Opalino Blue Ice  Opalino Coral  Opalino Night Sky 
    gaffer mauve gaffer pink wisp gaffer peach gaffer hot pink
     Opalino Mauve  Opalinio Pink Wisp  Opalino Peach Opalino Hot Pink 
    gaffer sahara      
     Opalino Sahara      

     I've had a little play with the Opalino Hot Pink it is really beautiful.

     beads hot pink 1a beads hot pink d     
  3. Rose Stringers are available in purple, pink and light pink. They come in packs of 3 x sticks (stringers) of rose cane; each one measures approximately 8 inches (20cmm) in length and approximately 2mm in diameter. These are hand made and as a result the diameters may vary. If you go to the home page, they can be found in the 'twisties, noodles, stringers, thick & thin rods' section.

    rose stringers 1g sized rose stringer 1a sized rose stringers 1f sized
  4. Some of the shards and sample beads that I have been making. 

    a shards c 1e sized a shards c 1b sized  shards b7 sized shard beads 1h sized
      Yummy green and earth tones, goes well on many colour bases   Beautiful pinks, purples, green and earh tones, goes well on many colour bases 
    a shards d 1e sized a shards d 1b sized shards blue and vanilla 1b sized shard beads 3c sized
      Loveley golden browns, greys and earth tones, goes well on many colour bases    Gorgeous aqua blues and green tones, goes well on many colour bases 
    shards a7 sized shard beads 2h sized shard beads 2c sized  
    Wonderful purples, greens and earth tones, goes well on many colour bases      


  5. Fantastic new storage solutions for frit, shards and other glass goodies. These tins are square with a clear window, making it easy to see what wonderful goodies you have stored in the tin.

    The tins are in two sizes:                         tin sized

    Small:  60mm x 60mm x 35mm 

    Medium:  75mm x 75mm x 50mm

  6. I felt like the Mad Professor today trying to work out what went well in glass stringers. I made stringers with encased brass frit, encased pixie dust, and un-melted frit on the outside of the stringer; none of these were very successful. But then I had a brake through and made some really good stringers with enamel.

    enamel 1c sized

    1. Enamel 

    2. Un-melted Frit

    3. Pixie Dust

    4. Brass Frit

    enamel 1f sized  Enamel 

    1. Enamel - I made a small gather with clear glass and then repeatedly rolled the gather in enamel, melting it in each time. Once I was happy that the glass gather was coated, I pulled the gather into a stringer. The finished stringers worked well when decorating the outside of a bead and also worked well when combined with clear glass to make a swirl bead.

    2. Un-melted Frit - I made a clear stringer and while it was still hot rolled it in frit and left the frit un-melted on the outside of the stringer. It was diffiuclt to get the frit to stick to the stringer as the stringer cooled down quickly, as a result there was only a small scattering of frit on the outside of the stringer. I tried to add more frit by reheating the stringer, but this caused the stringer to become mishapen. The finished stringer was not very effective when decorationg on the outside of a bead as there was not enough frit on it, but it looked pretty good when I combined it with clear to make a swirl bead.

    3. Pixie Dust - I made a small gather with clear glass and coated the gather with pixie dust, and then encased with clear. I gently heated and pulled the gather into a stringer. The finished stringer looked very insipid and was not very effective. I found that because the pixie dust is easy to burn, it was difficult to coat the gather with enough to make the pixie dust dense enough to be thinned out when it was pulled into a stringer. I tried to do it using various layers of pixie dust and clear encasing, but this was still not dense enough to carry the colour and sparkle through in the pulled stringer.

    4. Brass Frit - I made a small gather with clear glass and rolled this in the brass frit, and then encased with clear ensuring that I did not cook and burn of the brass frit. I gently heated and pulled into a stringer. The finished stringer looked pretty good, with brass frit running through it, but when I used it to make a bead I was not happy with the end result. I think the concept of encasing particles such as brass frit in a stringer is good, but i'm not sure that I actually like the effects of brass frit as it made the bead look burnt and dirty.